Help Ben Headrick

academyBENTo know Ben Headrick is to love him. He and his wife, Michele are a hardworking, well-respected young couple who have made their home in Sevier County, TN. Officer Headrick has been a Sevierville Police Officer for nearly 4 years. He has a fun-loving, mischievous character and is known for his “shenanigans”. His professionalism and dedication to his community shine through in the work he does every day.

On July 21st, 2013, while attending a wedding in NC, Ben suffered the first of several aneurysms which landed him in the Trauma ICU at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. He remains there in serious condition and each day battles for his life. He has had several major operations, and continues to require multiple units of blood daily. Ben has been diagnosed with a genetic condition described as a dissecting tissue and vein disorder that affects his entire vascular system. At this stage there is no cure and no treatment to improve his condition. His vast team of Doctors can only hope to manage his symptoms from here on out. The future he and Michele are building remains on hold.


ben-michelleSince this medical emergency occurred out of state, it is costing Ben’s family in excess of $150 per day to stay in Charlotte near him. Ben does have medical insurance; however, it does not cover the family’s lodging, food or other necessary expenses. Because of this tragedy both Ben and Michele are unable to work and his family has nearly exhausted their finances. It is unknown how much debt they will be left with or what future medical expenses they might face. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and help provide relief and continued hope for the Headrick family.

We are so very thankful for the support that has been shown for Ben and his family thus far. We ask for your continued prayers and financial help. Please help Ben return to the community he so proudly serves!